The Mauler class carries an M32 grenade launcher, 1 Vector, 2 claymores and a k-bar knife. Its grenade launcher does considerable damage to all units but is slow. It takes a pretty long time to reach its target and its not v
ery accurate. It's even more inaccurate when the player is on higher platform. The grenade flies off farther then you expect. Another disadvantage is that if enemies get close and the mauler fires, they will end up damaging themselves. For the mauler to be useful, it should be used as backup fire support. With your teammates fire bullets everywhere and you can join in adding grenades. One good thing about the Mauler is that the ammo has a splash radius. If someone hides behind boxes just shoot the side and it will damage your enemy.

The mauler is also pretty good with spraying bullets everywhere. Just take out the Uzi and start spraying. It has 200 ammo and it's is the fastest gun in the game. Unfortunatley since it's all speed it has low damage. The Uzi is just a gun for randomly shooting bullets.

The claymores are also really useful. In tight corridors you can lay it down and start shooting. It's very useful against Recons and Commanders because they have low ammo and 1 clay can kill them. Plus they have no grenades so they cannot destroy them at all except for running right into them. Now moving on to the medium amour units. Assault, Support, and Lancer have grenades that can destroy claymores. Maulers just blast the claymore and boom no more claymore. The good side is that they have to take time to destroy them. Time which you can use to start firing at them. Now for the Heavy amored guys. Sometimes a Heavy will just walk right into it destroying 30% life or they could grenade it. If a heavy comes run for it. Now for the gaurdian. The claymore will destroy 30% life from them, shield or no shield and they have a weak gun too so no worries there. Now the k-bar knife. It is dubbed the butter knife because it has shorter range than the Recon's knife. It kills light units in one hit. Two hits for meduim units. And for Heavy units, well, I bet you wouldn't even try it.