Pawn Tactics is a free, massively-multiplayer 2D top-down action game. It was in Open Beta for sometime during mid-2008 by Pawn Studios. After many Updates and changes, the game finally had its Official Launch. The game is browser-based so there is no need of downloading the game. It is also Flash-based so the player must have one of the more recent version of Adobe Flash to play the game.


Pawn Tactics was a side project of Pawn Studios, the makers of Pawn Game. They have been announcing a new project for Pawn Game users to try out and was soon released via Open Beta.

Pawn Tactics was created with five Unit Types and a handful of pre-set Servers, both unranked and ranked. A Map Creator application was also distributed for players to make more interesting maps that were sometimes added onto the game.

The Clan system was soon added that allowed higher ranks to create groups of user to add points into their Clan.

More and more updates continued, as new maps, units (as replacements), and other changes were made. Version 1.0, or the Official Launch commenced a few months later.

Finally, the Pawn Studios web page moved into the Pawn Game homepage, thus gaining a much wider audience. The game is now hosted/updated there at this webpage.